Payroll Management

Our product range also comprises of Accounting Services, Tax Management Services and Central Excise And Customs Services.One of the integral parts of HR is Payroll. Business expects timely and accurate salary calculation coupled with Statutory Compliance. The task of payroll becomes complicated in today’s industries due to multiple statutory requirements, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs and formulas and other HR policies.We provides entire gamut of payroll solutions whether requiring multiple structures or customized reporting or online access. We have a variety of options for payroll management, whether your organization has 50 employees or 5,000. How complex is your payroll? Do you have multiple locations? What is your knowledge and comfort level with payroll? These are all questions to think about as you select the best option, and we can help you find the best fit. We build our success – and yours – on the power of working one to one. We tailor our payroll solutions to your business needs.We provides accurate, on-time payroll administration—every time. The systems we use are powerful, flexible and most importantly, reliable. Our aim is to deliver low cost and high quality solutions and services to our clients.Our clients provide us with details of their employees and their individual packages, salaries and pay rates and other inputs and we process their payroll based on the same. The systems are designed to handle an unlimited number of pay groups within the same database. We also manage different types of user-defined earnings such as allowances, periodic incentives, one time payments, bonus, overtime, etc. at any number of different rates and automate the rules around an employee’s eligibility. Depending on the arrangement, we also accept input from a client’s time and attendance system. In addition to managing monthly payroll, we provide facilities for loan and advance management, leave management and reimbursement management.
  • Under loan and advance management, we manage different type of the loans and advances granted to the employees and ensure deduction as per pre-defined schedule, enabling the client to manage its employee advances in a better manner.
  • Under leave management, our systems enable clients to manage leave records for their employees. It allows definition of various types of leaves with facility for automatic allotment, carry over and encashment.

Salient Features of our ‘Payroll Solutions’

* Accurate and Timely management of Payroll

* Flexible Salary Definitions

* Multiple Pay groups

* Advanced leave management

* Statutory and other reports in M S Excel / PDF

* HR Database management

* Loan and Advances management

* Employee TDS management

* Filing of e-TDS Returns

* Procedures and processes based on Internal control and check system

* Customisation of Reports

* Generation of e-payslips and other e-reports

* Generation of TDS Certificates (Form 16) with option for digital signatures

* Facility for password protection

* Efficient management of employee inquiries

* Online access facility for employees and other users through web access facility

* Emphasis on data security and protection

* Management through qualified, efficient and trained team

* Taxation of expatriates

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